Professor Alison Leary, PhD RN FRCN FQNI

London South Bank University

Chair of Healthcare & Workforce Modelling

School of Health and Social Care

London Higher Europe Engagement:

  • Big Data Working Group November 2016
  • Health By Numbers Panel Discussion 24th May 2017.


London South Bank University

103 Borough Rd, London SE1 0AA


Twitter: @alisonleary1


After spending ten years in science & engineering. She qualified as a nurse in 1996 at St Thomas Hospital & Kings College London.  Prof. Leary obtained a PhD in medicine from University College London and her academic background encompasses science, nursing, medicine and mathematics. Prof Leary’s work looks at the modelling of complex systems, including the workforce. She has just completed a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship looking at the use of data in high reliability organisations. 

Research Interests:

Prof. Leary works on projects with a focus on the modelling of complex systems in healthcare. Her interests are in the complexity of healthcare and how mathematical modelling and data science can be used to increase quality safety and efficiency which can optimise staffing in acute & community care. She has been a registered nurse for twenty one years.

Notable mentions:

On the 23 June 2015 Prof Leary was awarded Royal College of Nursing Fellowship and in 2016 was conferred as a Fellow of The Queens Nursing Institute. 


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