Dr Valentina Stojceska

Brunel University

Lecturer in Energy in Food Chains and Sustainability

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Contact details:

Room: Howell Building room 206
Brunel University London
United Kingdom

T: +44(0)1895 267328
F: +44(0)1895 269803
Email: valentina.stojceska@brunel.ac.uk


PhD in Food Engineering – School of Biosystems Engineering, University College Dublin

Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) –Manchester Metropolitan University

BSc in Biotechnology and Food Process Engineering - Faculty of Technology, St. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje


Research Interests

Valentina’s main research interests are in the area of food technology, sustainability, resource and energy efficiency.  She has extensive industrial and academic experience in sustainable food processing and innovative food product development, which she has put into practice via extensive collaboration with the food industry. She has successfully delivered a number of national and international projects as principal investigator and co-investigator. She supervises research assistants, postgraduate and final year students and lectures on the MSc and BSc courses. Valentina has been publishing internationally in high regarded journals and presenting at the conferences worldwide. Her previous research was focused on improving the quality of the food products (nutritional and sensorial properties) using novel functional ingredients and different processing techniques.

Selected grants
2014-2017 – Principal investigator (PI) - Technology strategy board -Knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) (£170 000)
2012-2014 – PI - DEFRA - KTP (£102 000)
2012-2014 – PI - British Council (£25 000)
2012-2013 – PI- Industry sponsored research (£18 000)
2011-2012 – PI Industry sponsored research (£24 000)
2011-2012 – PI - Industry sponsored research (£24 000)
2010-2011 – PI – Innovation voucher (£10 000)
2009-2011 – Co-investigator - Roche Foundation for Anaemia research (CHF150 000)
2008-2011 – PI - Welsh Assembly Government - KTP (£91 000)
2008-2011 – PI – University sponsored research (£36 000)

Selected modules
•    Environmental Legislation: Energy and Environmental Review and Audit (MSc);
•    Food Product Innovation and Product Design (MSc);
•    Food Products Innovations (3rd year);
•    Food technology (3rd year);

Membership of Professional Bodies
•    Fellow of High Education Academy of the UK
•    Institute of Food Science & Technology
•    American Association of Cereal Chemists International
•    Food & Health Network - Institute of Food Research

Member of editorial board on behalf of
•    Food Process Engineering
•    British Journal of Applied Science & Technology

Peer reviewer for journal manuscripts on the behalf of
•     Journal of Food Engineering
•     Food Chemistry
•     LWT- Food Science and Technology
•    Journal of Cereal Science
•    Trends in Food Science and Technology
•    Food Science and Technology
•    Drying Technology
•    Food Measure and Characterisation


Book chapters
Stojceska, V. 2013. Fibre enriched snacks. In J.Delcour, and K. Poutane (Eds.). Wholegrain and fibre enriched foods: improving quality. Chapter 19.Woodhead publishing, (pp 389-403);

Stojceska, V. 2011. Dietary fiber from Brewer’s Spent Grain as a functional ingredient in bread making technology. In V. R. Preedy, R. R. Watson, & V. B. Patel,(Eds.), Flour and breads and their fortification in health and disease prevention (pp.171-181). London, Burlington, San Diego: Academic Press, Elsevier;

Stojceska, V. & Ainsworth, P. 2010. Improving the quality of high-fibre breads by combination of different enzymes and sour dough. In Waldron, K.W., Moates, G.K. and Fraulds, C.B. Total Food- Sustainability of the Agri-Food Chain. pp. 27.The Royal Society of Chemistry. Cambridge, UK;

Journal Papers
Radovanovic, A,  Stojceska, V.,  Plunkett, A., Cupara, S.,  Jankovic, S. &. 2015. The use of dry Jerusalem artichoke as a functional nutrient in developing extruded food with low glycaemic index. Food Chemistry, 177, 81–88;

Alaunyte, I., Stojceska, V., Plunkett, A. Derbyshire, E. 2014.  Dietary iron intervention using a staple food product for improvement of iron status in female runners. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition,  11:50;

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Tassou, S.A., Kolokotroni, M., Gowreesunker, B.L., Stojceska, V., Azapagic, A., Fryer, P.J. and Bakalis, S. 2014. Energy demand and reduction opportunities in the UK food chain. Proceedings of the ICE - Energy, 167 (3): 162 –170;

Potter, R., Stojceska, V. & Plunkett, A. 2013. The use of fruit powders in extruded snacks suitable for children's diets. LWT- Food Science and Technology, 51, 537-544, (selected as a topical research in Elsevier’s Monthly Research Selection in January, 2013);

Alaunyte, I., Stojceska, V., Plunkett, A., Ainsworth,P. & Derbyshire, E. 2012. Improving the quality of nutrient-rich Teff (Eragrostistef) breads by combination of enzymes in straight dough and sourdough breadmaking.Journal of Cereal Science. (55), 22-30;

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Stojceska V., Butler, F., Gallaher E. &Keehan D. 2007. A comparison of the ability of several small and large deformation rheological measurements of wheat dough to predict baking behaviour. Journal of Food Engineering, (83), 475-482;

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Conference proceedings (selected):
Stojceska, V. 2014. Assessing consumer demand for gluten-free products in the grocery sector. Food Matters Live Conference, 18-20, November, 2014. ExCeL, London, UK;

Stojceska, V. 2014. Strategies and ingredients for improving the sensory profile of sodium reduced bakery. Plenary lecture. Main Conference: Bakery Innovation Europe. 19 Feb, 2014. Munich, Germany;

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