Dr Jakke Tamminen

Royal Holloway University of London

Lecturer in Psychology, Department of Psychology.
​Dr Tamminen was a delegate on the London Higher Europe Early Career Researcher Trip to Brussels in June 2017.


Contact Details:
Royal Holloway, University of London.
​Egham Hill
​TW20 0EX




PHD location/ discipline: University of York/Psychology

MA location/ discipline: University of York/Psychology (MSc)

BA: location/ discipline: Bangor University/Psychology (BSc)


Dr Tamminen’s research focuses on the impact of sleep and memory consolidation on learning. Specifically on the role of sleep on episodic memory, generalised (semantic) memory, the effect of sleep on eyewitness memory and false memory formation. He has also collaborated on some work on the effects of music on memory and learning.


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