Dr Dorottya Sallai

University of Greenwich

Senior Lecturer in International Business

Greenwich Business School

London Higher Europe Engagement:

  • Early Career Researcher Trip 14-15th June 2017.

Contact Details:

Old Royal Naval College

30 Park Row


SE10 9LS



Dr Sallai started work at the University of Greenwich in September 2014 after completing her PhD in Management at King's College London. She has an MA in European Studies from the Catholic University of Leuven (BE) a BA in Marketing and International Management from Avans School of International Studies (NL) and a BA in Economics from the College of Management and Business Studies (HU).

Dr Sallai has also been a management consultant for more than 10 years. Her work here includes supporting small and multinational businesses in the planning and management of their EU-funded projects. She has also been involved in international evaluation and research projects on behalf of the European Commission.

Research Interests:

Dr Sallai’s work focuses on the Europeanization process of corporate lobbying. Specifically her approach uses the perspective of comparative capitalism to look at state-firm relations in the European Union and how strategy and organizational structure play a role in this. 


Sallai, Dorottya (2013) http://gala.gre.ac.uk/12451" target="_blank">European Union lobbying and the Golden Cage of post-socialist network capitalism in Hungary. JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies. John Wiley & Sons Ltd.. pp. 948-964. ISSN 0021-9886 ISSN 0021-9886

Sallai, Dorottya (2017) http://gala.gre.ac.uk/16152" target="_blank">The corporate political activity of MNEs under the pressures of institutional duality. University of Greenwich Business School, London.

Sallai, Dorottya (2016) http://gala.gre.ac.uk/14685" target="_blank">Excluded or embraced: how do multinationals lobby in Eastern Europe?. University of Greenwich Business School, London.

Sallai, Dorottya and Schnyder, Gerhard (2015) http://gala.gre.ac.uk/15583" target="_blank">Strong state, weak managers: How firms cope with autocracy in Hungary. University of Cambridge, Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge.